What are the bv’s on Sunday in Two to the sixth power?

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Sunday night, you may One to look into is the tenth episode of 10 from Two-to zese power ” by Jeroen Meus. A couple of Ali Salhi & Mohamed, Aattach he Opdenacker & She Lisabeth against Elodie Ouedraogo & Niels Albert .
The easter holiday has come to an end, and “Two to the sixth power” to turn on people who have a lot of easter eggs have to be eaten back into focus. In the studio, to sit of a gold medal in the Olympics, and Elodie Ouedraogo, and a multiple world champion in cyclo-cross, Niels Albert. Two of the competitiebeesten who are committed to the $ 10,000 will go to the charity.

Two to the sixth power, on Sunday evening at 19.55 hrs on One of.