NJC extends a helping hand to corporations and businesses

e7d6ee208d5e74ff19952e6bd05cc37b - NJC extends a helping hand to corporations and businesses

At least, until may 3, we’re all in the room. And that’s how things should be. But that’s it. How did our weekends there, as far as we did with our favorite look at what steps were the craziest things? What plans do we have as a society, sports club, etc, in the end, to be put on?
As well as the rest of the world in the quality of life in the whole of Flanders set to non-active. Also, all of the parties, bbq’s, benefieten,… are on hold.

NJC is up as of Monday, the 20th of april to the end of may, between 12 and 14 hours and have two hours of air time to you and your club/association/sportbende.
Let the people of the NJC to know who’s an additional SHOUT-OUT is deserves!

Please log on the website of the NJC with the association and the local SMES, and to share what and who you’re missing, select the slides, and also let me know who would like some extra attention. As to the butcher’s for meat, at your yearly bbq that would take care of it, or the seamstress of the costumes for the dance performance, which is not able to continue the printing of the T-shirts that are not worn, will be, Also, that people are reaching out, we are here to lend a helping hand. Thus, they may be due to your association, and their message will be lost.

NRJ Shout-Out, from the 20th of april, from 12 to 14 hours, with Emma Salden. More information on the .