Molly is worried about her voice

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A lot of artists are making today. For the sake of the coronacrisis they have been around for a period of time does not occur, and that, of course, financial implications. Singer’s World is to have any reason to worry, we can read about it on her Facebook page. Further, it will already be very happy if she has her voice back full-time and will be able to use it, then they can act. “How is it going, and once the corona virus is tired, in order to act? It will be my voice, it is yet to be done? When my co-workers hear it, it should be noted that I am not the only one who can care about. The more we chant, the better it is. But in private, you will not be so soon. Yes, when we will once again be allowed to occur… most Likely a few days prior to that date….”, from Among her concerns on Facebook.

Molly gives you a push in the right direction. They have six more songs to record for the album, together with “Bandit” is going to make it. In principle, appear in the duets of the album of Molly & Bandit in the fall. In her room she is going to do this, you get to rehearse and sing, for her voice is in good shape to keep up.