The marriage and drama of the “Home”

The marriage and drama of the "Home"

The marriage and drama of the “Home”
Friday night got fans in the “Home” an eventful episode to see it. With a lot of excitement in the prachthuwelijk of Every Sta, but, also, tears welled up in Nancy, where He, his transgression is come clean.
Christine rummages, suddenly, at Bob’s home, and officer Tim will be taken to a crime scene and called in…

What is Christine’s baby Leo is going?
Agile will have the major responsibility for child care in Leo, while Bob and We go to the wedding of Paulus and leave to rest. And then, Christine, suddenly, in front of the door. She manages to get up with a crying Leo in her arms, standing just where Bob is, and We come home. What is Christine’s Leo up to? And how to get Agile in this ever explained it to Bob, who, after his failed marriage to Christine, and has vowed that he will never want to see it?

Every and for Kobe to say, “yes”, but where is Claire?
The love between Paulus and Kobe has been great, and they are now sealed for eternity with their company. For the love of flying around, and all of the witnesses, and see that Every, and Kobe are a match made in heaven to be! But who will catch the bridal bouquet? Mama, Claire, and it surely doesn’t, because it’s never been touched…