New music of Wim Soutaer

6b240d8df11e4d3c9e32138917003756 - New music of Wim Soutaer

Wim Soutaer has a new single out and this is the song ” I will follow you.”
“we’ll be traveling around the world
to there ever be an end to
our hearts stop beating
everything ceases to exist…”

Some of the excerpts from the lyrics of this wonderful song Wim Soutaer would be in a hurry to do a dare to assume that it was written by the Coronaproblematiek in the back of my mind. There is nothing farther from the truth, because that Wim wrote a song for more than 2 years ago, and “I’ll Follow You there than on his latest album “Connected” is that in 2018, was published.