Jo Annemans is launching world’s largest online choir ever

6f5ab4004dd75d037a774d7bf647fede - Jo Annemans is launching world's largest online choir ever

In this moment-there are a lot of choruses that will no longer be able to come together. Some of the corn was already on the internet, and have made videos with everyone else in the mosaic design to be seen in. “” I’m on an international scale, with the set-up, where each of the global, the singer is to the individual participant to create a virtual wereldkoor to create, please let Jo Annemans (formerly Voice Male let us know. “
I got the idea and designed during my time in the moment and literally put it in my living room, on the table, everything is included. From the introduction video, rehearsal video (by voice) to the recording instruction to the video..
Chorusonline (my online publisher) has made it to his shoulders, in the meantime, take ondergezet, and for just 2 euros (the price of the beer that you’re not on one of the terraces you can spend ( … ) can one be a part of the biggest band in the world… those Who know the feel of mr. Coldplay himself is addressed to his office to do it,” laughs Jo.

But, what’s the plan now? “You have to sing an individual part of the song “When I need a Friend” (Coldplay) at home on a webcam … and they are later brought together into a single gigantic world-chorus-chorus, I did it for each and every vote is also a rehearsal video, which you can window.