De Kreuners celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the album, ‘Here And Now’

De Kreuners celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the album, 'Here And Now'

On Friday, the 17th of april, 2020 will be a legendary day on The Kreuners, exactly 30 years ago, namely, the well-known album, ‘Here And Now’ on vinyl, cassette, and cd. The album featured several hits, including “I Want You,” that’s right, the best-selling Dutch single of the year 1990. Also, Chris Lomme, which has been photographed by the liefdesode ‘Verliefd op Chris Lomme’. Even the hits like ‘Make Me Wake up’ and ‘So Young’ and made their presence felt. It was good to have a vierdubbel platinum success, with more than 100,000 sold in physical copies, and since then, millions of downloads and streams; the staggering numbers.

This is the thirty year anniversary, we will not need to pass, therefore, De Kreuners, thirty years later, goednieuwe cover of “So Young” (live at the AB 2019)’. In August, they will treat their fans to a re-release of this iconic album, which is now applicable, ‘Now And Here’ will be called. Normally, this thirtieth anniversary, we celebrate with a huge summer tour, but it is “normal” in times like this, just out of the question.

But the parties of the Kreuners, but would like to try. That’s why they have the original tracks from the ‘Here-And-Now remastered, with four extra live tracks added to the album in a new sleeve is inserted.