Thursday, Today,

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The guests Today, Thursday, april 16:

Goof around, visits to residential care centres
In less than 24 hours, it went from “now, the visit is admitted into the residential care centres ‘ to ‘ are not allowed in the residential care centres”.
Naiké Costa, executive director of a senior home in Assenede, the decision is incomprehensible to me. Just to warn geriatric, Ann He, the AZ Damiaan in Ostend, the increasing loneliness among frail older people.

A high point for the nostalgic tv
Skipper, in addition to Some, It is Peulengaleis, Kapitein Zeppos,… old succesreeksen are now being massively re-examined in the VRT NOW. Tomorrow is going to archiefkenner Steven Van Herreweghe in the ‘something for you to look at the forgotten tv treasures, is tailored to the needs of his television companions, and observing the region of Flanders.

Kamagurka, slide with it, and it gives an explanation for some of the corona-inspired cartoons. And the music is there, and The Starlings, aka, the mount Kato, Callebout, Tom Dice.

In the thirty and third episode of the second season Today and tonight, at 22.30, on One.