The FOUR come up with a brand new program to The Container and the Cup

d52b0856fa529e39bb84de9708b0320e - The FOUR come up with a brand new program to The Container and the Cup

No Olympic Games, no playoffs, no CHAMPIONSHIP Football might not be the Tour de France. The summer is officially dead, and this is why the FOUR of him and into the spotlight with the new family programme, The Container of the Cup. Contained therein as of Sunday, the 26th of april, 30th of the Belgian team – o.a. As european and vice-world champion of the category, Remco Evenepoel ‘ and ‘ silver medalist, Pieter Timmers, and 10 well-Known people on a daily basis in a just as epic as the unique son. And that’s what they do all of them in a metal container 12 and, at 2.2 metres, that is up to them, I am. And they have just one job: as fast as fast as they could pop off at any part of the route, the best time to go and get it. Anyone who crowns themselves, ultimately, queen, or king, of the container?

In addition to Timmers and Evenepoel also give the Red Lions team captain, Thomas Briels, cyclist, Show for one more Year, swimmer Fanny Lecluyse and her partner and a rider, Victor Campenaerts, judoka Dirk Van Tichelt, football player Tessa Wullaert and the famous faces, Erik, Van Looy, Philippe Geubels best of themselves in the trials.

The other athletes to be announced.

Pedro, Elijah, and Wesley Sonck as the commentators