New stone: Fakkeltheater to lose subsidies

fd05312c73b35d2a66cf489742cc167b - New stone: Fakkeltheater to lose subsidies

On Wednesday it became known that Jan Jambon, the subsidy tap for the 8 organisations at the end of this year and will be back. It’s going to be the organizations of people with Gesco-status men.

Almost a year ago, it took Sam Verhoeven, ” at the annual conference of the Fakkeltheater tough it out for the Flemish government. With the elimination of the cultural funding would, by 2022, it is possible to 800 jobs in the social sector will disappear. Sam’s Turkey pulled out as that would be the end for the theatres, it would be able to do, even for the Fakkeltheater. His speech was loud applause, but it is not in Brussels, belgium.
Prime Minister Jan Jambon has decided to increase the planned subsidieknip from January 1, to take effect. A heavy blow to the 8 institutions that have a future and saw it as it was originally, there was a uitdoofoperatie. What are the practical implications for the Fakkeltheater, and other organizations, it is not yet clear. The coronacrisis got to be a serious blow to the process, and this is another on top of it.