Kanye West was in the past, ‘a functional alcoholic’

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Kanye West was in the past, ‘a functional alcoholic’

16 april, 2020 08:23
16-04-20 08:23
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Kanye West, alcohol is now completely rejected, but when he does, he does not think he has too much to drink. Also, he refers to himself, in an interview with GQ , a “functioning alcoholic”.

“One morning, I was sitting in the office working on the new collection for Yeezy, ed.). and there was vodka in the fridge. I just wanted to get up and what to grab for the potion, and that it is during the day, always did, but all of a sudden I thought to myself: ‘the Devil, you will beat me, not today.’. I have since then not a single drop to drink.”

The 42-year-old rapper working today, with a great chorus and it does a so-called “sunday service” where people come together and sing and talk about God. “I would never have another thing to admit to, and no one had ever told me that I was a functioning alcoholic and it was.”