Wim Lybaert leave with Columbus, and in the direction of the accident

Wim Lybaert leave with Columbus, and in the direction of the accident

From the 30th of april, Wim Lybaert, again to the outside world. And Columbus is going to continue. To the letter. For this season, the destination was to be a fresh start. Where one journey ends, we leave with the others, with a special guest. Thus, it is not just the destination, it is determined by chance, but also the beginning of a journey, this time in the hands of fate.
The surrounding area is a little more exotic, but the purpose of the trip remains the same: to be together columbussen. That is to let go and enjoy the good life along the way. But columbussen, that is to not be afraid to leave without a plan and without any preparation. Because Wim is also in the new series of the always and everywhere lead to the accident and his or her guest. Whether or not they’re at their destination to get it is not important at all. The two columbussers to jump together into the unknown and come closer to each other, and with a little luck a little closer to himself. By letting go, and a New World opens up. In a world where anything is possible and nothing must be done.

Wim Lybaert: “you can’t go wrong with Columbus. All we have to do is enjoy yourself.”

Just like in the previous series, we travel to Wim every week in the company of another person. And, again, knowing both of them not in front of the Columbus ‘ on them, it will lead to. They have to follow the direction of the accident. The kauwgomballenautomaat in the cab of the truck is well-filled with new destinations. With a simple turn of the handle controls the guest, and the purpose of the trip. This way, the viewer will, together with Wim and his guests out the path to the Columbus for a week long sail.

This season he navigate by Lieven Scheire, Inge, Tom, Van Dyck, Dieter Coppens, Tijs Vanneste, and Maaike Cafmeyer (in order of broadcast). Because there are so many fun materials are available, there is also a slotaflevering with the experience. Not a real compilation, but with new material.