This program takes the place of the Family

12d9b5a91f6c8ac401fc35918a484b8f - This program takes the place of the Family

With a healthy dose of suspense and intrigue takes on the Family, on Friday, the 24th of april, a temporary farewell to the football team. Now, the action on the corona virus is prolonged, it can also take the pictures of the Family and will not be resumed. This will eliminate the day to day of the 24th of april for an indefinite period of time on the computer screen. Fans of the soap have on their day to day appointment, however, is not to be missed, because the VTM shall send to the successful telenovelle Sara any day of the week, again. The location is ideal feelgoodreeks in the times, of the same name. Sarah will start on Friday april 24 right after the Family in order to 20.35 with a dubbelaflevering and as of Monday, the 27th of april, with a daily delivery, at 20: 00.

Maarten Janssen, channel manager, VTM: “the fact That the viewers of their regular appointment with the Family for a while now, will have to do without, it is an extreme case, but in view of the current measures in the pipeline. With the classic series of Sara we offer you a great alternative for those who like soap does. It is a story to which everyone can have a dream at times, of the same name. On tv GO, it was the start of the last couple of months have already been a big success. The broadcast on VTM, we have a whole new audience, reaching people that Sarah is never followed by the appropriate dispersion, to give to those who are in the series, once again, would like to see it.”