The last battle will be in My Kitchen for My Restaurant

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Tonight, in My Kitchen in My Restaurant, ” a battle for the fourth and final pop-up restaurant. Sweet soul mates Mira and Anne-Sophie won the match convincingly in their group, and scored with a 92/100, most of the points of all of the students in the first phase. The group winners had a significant advantage in the battle phase, they will compete against the team with the lowest number of points from the other group. Mira and Anne-Sophie, to take the and so on Charlot and Charlotte as the fourth ending up in the group with a 48/100. In a three-hour-long battle, the four ladies of the place.

“We see this as a second chance at life, and we need to do a better job, period”, you hear the sound of a combative Into. To Florence and Anne-Sophie will be back in business for their high level of care. When is Anne-Sophie, in the depths of the finger is cut, it loses the control of her friend, Mira, is given with the appropriate words of encouragement on the track. Also, Miss Dumont, the girls ‘ what a pep talk to give.