The Chateau, Meiland, fear of bankruptcy

The Chateau, Meiland, fear of bankruptcy

Martien Meiland has big problems. Corona and cuts it firmly in,” he said in a TV Family. The Chateau, Meiland is not to receive visitors for the moment, however, the virus outbreaks, it is also a spanner in the works for the planned sale of the Chateau, Meiland.

The sale can only proceed once the crisis is over, and it is the hope that property prices will not, in the other compressed to.

The television star is currently living in quarantine, as well as in France, it is the moment you have a lot more stringent than it is in Belgium, and the Netherlands. You can go home, don’t leave without all kinds of paperwork that you have displacement of the righteous, it is necessary to Martien Meiland in the Family.

All of the savings of the family, they put it in with the purchase of the estate. That is up to 400,000 euros in savings a hug, not even the sum needed for the renovation. And now, all of the revenue. The savings due to the television, and the year in which they had to melt like snow in the sun, according to Martien Meiland in the magazine.

When this crisis takes a long time, and the borders remain closed during the summer over fears for the family to Meiland, a bankrupt.