Not a (big) festivals this summer

964adbf2f43b244dca03248ce2f78d2f - Not a (big) festivals this summer

The national security council on Thursday decided that, until 31 August 2020 with no mass events will be allowed to continue. Thus, it follows that the security council, with the advice of the specialists in this field. This means that, among other things, Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Tomorrowland, Suikerrock, and a lot of other events that are not to be allowed to continue.

In the publication it was not yet clear which among a mass of the event is and what is not. It Is a wedding for 200 guests, and a mass-to-event, or not at all? The Parkies for this summer, or not? Questions, that is, without a doubt, in the next few hours and days will be answered. We expect, therefore, that there is a lot of communication is going to happen. To be continued….