Luk Alloo go back to the VRT for the last Alloo in de night,

bf915c433c20290f57e6c7cf7e250316 - Luk Alloo go back to the VRT for the last Alloo in de night,

In the latest episode of Alloo in de Night, Thursday, april 16, brings together Luk Alloo stories of people at the moment of the dream. He explores, among other things, a party, and travels with a family who is in the middle of the night in the plane, in order to spend your holidays. Pictures, which, of course, pre-dated the coronamaatregelen. Now, looking back on a successful year of Alloo in de Night, an average of nearly 600,000 viewers and a 25.3% of the market share (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed).

In order to 03.30 pm to take His and Jean’s for a taxi to take them to work with their daughter and grandson to the airport, by car, to spend. “We’re going to be with the family for the third time in a journey, to tell them Now. “Now, for a week in Gran Canaria. That will take us to do the right thing.”

Luke has an appointment with the baker, He, at night, 500 loaves of bread to bake them for 23 broodautomaten to offer it for sale. During the broodronde Visiting visiting manage to a pillampenfuif,” an evening where only torches for light, it is all taken care of. Afterwards, he met at a gas station, yet people who go to concerts have been getting ready to go to a nightclub to go to, have something to eat at a restaurant, and have arranged to meet for a date.