The staff prepares themselves to be the illusionist ‘Staff Coppensfield’

177da2f164c0d30003f37f044f12e114 - The staff prepares themselves to be the illusionist 'Staff Coppensfield'

Staf Coppens offers tomorrow, Wednesday, april 15, at 20.35 on TV, That Promises to be up For it Later with a strong, yet special, meal of the VTM, and the chef, Loïc Van Impe, on, Marie-Jo (7 years, Staden), and Also (5-year, Peer), and Amélie (7 years, Aardooie). The food, the drink? Zeewierballetjes in a tomato sauce, burgers with worms of the south of the locusts. “The people of the future, in our children, in this case, it is the food of the future demands? We’re going to test you.” If they manage to make every dish a taste, they will make a dessert to choose from the well-filled table.

In his own Post-Lab wants the Staff to know if there are little MacGyvers in their three children. He tests the logical thinking and curiosity, and Also, Marie-Jo, and Amélie, with two of the tests. In the first experiment, the tube-rubber duck. “If I were the little key, with a rubber duck in the tube, throw it, how to get to our three heroes, that’s the key there? Keeping in mind that they are the key to the cabinet to open, a cake, for them to be ready?”, it tells the Staff.

In the second trial, and he has even more treats in store. “They’ve got the little red snoepbeertje is good to keep an eye on it and monitor it, because the bear might end up as one of the three cups,” according to the Staff. If, during the test, leave the area, it is in the interest of the children is seriously put to the test: peek under the shell in order to be able to get to where it is snoepbeertje out of sight like?