The Starlings will give a concert at the Lotto Arena

The Starlings will give a concert at the Lotto Arena

It’s been a bizarre and difficult times, but for The Starlings, it is for the music to have an adventurous time. Currently, scores of them, week after week, with their beautiful covers-in of the VTM-broadcast ‘For the Love of Music’. She’s conquered the charts, and trending on YouTube. Today, they decide to take off with the most popular plans.

There is a 2 x great news about The Starlings: may 15, 2020 they expect to have their first album on February 14, 2021 put them on for the first time in the Lotto Arena, in order to make their fans to a live show to enjoy their music.

The Starlings, might be better known as Tom, Dice, and Kato Callebaut, the two singer-songwriters who combine their talents and their passion for the music and for each other. We can be each and every week to witness the music, For the Love of Music which they have every Monday, magical versions of the classics of the Cockpit, in the winter, That the Thomas, Karen Damen, Sean Dhondt, Peter Vanlaet (Mom’s Jacket). The response of existing and new fans have been nothing short of overwhelming.

The Starlings are up for rootsy pop music with an acoustic feel as well as strength. Songs containing a root of melancholy, and lyrics that are to the highs and lows of love and life in the spotlight.

The beginning of 2019 at the latest, it had adventure, The Starlings have all started, and they signed a record deal with Universal Music and released already a few singles out. In addition to their original cover art For the Love of Music but also their own songs on the new album. It is, therefore, a great mix of his own work and covers, in which case their vote as a good ‘blend’.