The belgian artists are falling through the basket

5764eff56754dbe33ff35c0a0cffac1f - The belgian artists are falling through the basket

In the past few weeks, the calls to #playlocal us around the place. The whole music scene is crying out for attention for their products, and now concerts that fall, the radio stations are in the music industry are asked to Belgium to play the music, it’s a question of is the copyright of Belgian artists, and composers have to give. But what happens now? The same for Belgian artists, the chance to promote Belgian music to just lie down. The Latest News and updates from Saturday’s set up to 16 companies on their playlist for the moment you have to. You would think that artists, like Christoff, Mathias Vergels, Stijn Meuris, Dimitri Vegas, Helmut Lotti, Slongs, and Kris Wauters, however, was the map of the Belgian music and were going to go, but to no avail….