The Aftershokz Aeropex, it is the perfect sport headphones

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Listening to music while jogging, cycling, or walking, is good. It will give you energy and help you to relax in traffic, or anywhere else in public, it can also be dangerous.

With a pair of headphones or plugs in your ears you close yourself off from the world around you, and you will hear, for example, no other traffic or people in the area. That problem is solved I used to go to the gym with low volume. For example, I set it to music, but I heard everything going on around me. Not really ideal, because it is the power of music will work best at a slightly higher volume.

Recently, I have the perfect solution in the form of the Aftershokz Aeropex. This is a pair of headphones that are in a completely different way of working than the regular ones that you get on your ears or in your ears to stop. The Aeropex is a light-weight rubber strap around the back of the neck wear, and in which are two small elements of the skin just in front of your ear and touch you. At that place is the bone right beneath the skin’s surface.


The headset makes, when you’re playing music, the vibrations that are through the bone is to be picked up, and the inside of the organ of hearing to achieve. If you hear music in an unusual, but effective, way. The main advantage of this is that your ears are totally free, and so all they can hear what you are hearing. At the same time, you can hear their music. That’s kind of a strange sensation, as if it is your first time to go outside with Aftershokz Aeropex on it.

The music can be loud, but at the same time, you can hear if there is a car in the area or if someone has something to say. Perfect to take to the gym. The invigorating effect of music is so perfectly do its job without giving you you separates from the world around you. It’s a win / win situation. In addition, the Aeropex is waterproof, so it work out in the rain, or just sweating is no problem at all. Also, it’s good to know that the Aeropex is also a perfect fit during your workout.

Ear plugs

The fact that you were able to hear it, of course, has some disadvantages as well. This is not a pair of headphones that you use to set yourself apart with good music or a good podcast. That’s the problem, you can fix it by using the provided ear plugs to put in it. For example, close your ears, and you will be alone with the music. A fun experiment would be to see the differences, and discover how to, sound experience, with or without the ear plugs in.

To be honest, I prefer to choose a regular pair of headphones, or ear plugs, as I only have to do is to listen to, and I don’t do sports or to walk in the city myself. The sound of the Aeropex is of a lesser quality than that of a regular pair of headphones. When you buy this pair of headphones, so as an addition to your current collection, not replace it.

Even in the office

Unless you are using headphones during the exercising, because that’s the Aftershokz Aeropex which is great. The music has a really positive effect on my predicate. It can help you do just that, faster, heavier, or longer, events. Due to the unique bottechnologie you can it is also a very safe and secure. I can also imagine that the Aeropex thrive in a busy, open-plan office, where you will have your own music and want to enjoy it, but what you don’t want to shut down your co-workers.

The price of Aftershokz Aeropex, it is a very good of 150 euros. For that money you get the headphones in a nice package with a booklet (which is on the small side), earphones and a charging cable. In this way you can Aeropex is pretty fast to charge. With a fully charged battery can be up to 8 hours in advance. That’s enough for a good long walk, or a ride on the bike.