Later in the day, at Danira

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The guests Today on Monday, april 13,

Laughter, in a far from ideal world
Would the Jan Jaap van der Wal is currently on tour with a new zaalshow, but that was due to the well-known circumstances to put off. Only for the recording-no audience, “The ideal world” he has come today from the Dutch side. What are the differences between the Dutch and the Belgian approach?

A 1-month in lockdown, how long it will take?
A tienkoppig committee of experts should be the exit strategy after the corona is determined. The head of state, a professor of infectious diseases, Erika Vlieghe. It can give us a sense, in which the phase of the coronacrisis is, one month after the promulgation of the stringent measures?

Tough choices
Our country is being de-facto led by virologists, and other experts, as it is said. Deputy prime minister Alexander De Croo should clarify how the cooperation will be carried out and whether or not he is suffering from ” lockdownmoeheid’. What is the secretary of the treasury for the balance of the re-start of the economy, and the ongoing health crisis?

The first episode of the second season Today, as 22u10-on-one.