About Gert Verhulst, ” Are we doing the right thing?’

About Gert Verhulst, " Are we doing the right thing?'

Tonight starts with Gert Verhulst, along with James Cooke in the second half of season 7 of ‘the Girl Late last Night. Last week I had another look at what is and isn’t working this week, hope Girl and James, and them to reap the benefits. The well-known duo is the new formulation of the ” Girl from the Late Night the best, however, get used to it. “The fact is that there is no crowd, it makes you the best is yet uncertain. We are doing the right thing?”, asked by Gert Verhulst, out loud, in The Latest News. “You don’t know. If you have sounds totally fake, and the audience is laughing: that’s old. Or, if I was to ping-pong with James, and there will be a reaction, you’ll know that people don’t like it. Now I get to do that as well, but there was no response, and then, you know, it’s not. Are we funny? Or do we do that? In the first episode, you could see that it was still. Now, we can just be,” adds Gert Verhulst in the weekendkrant further. Wednesday there will be almost 500 000 viewers, is a ‘Girl’s Late-Night’ best of success to name a few. Thursday was for the viewers to be less abundant, and took the audience for a dive into something a little more than 336.000 eyes.