A new battle in My Kitchen for My Restaurant

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In the third, the battle to take the Dominique and Wendy at the father and daughter, Pino and Claudia: the Lovebirds against the Sicilian Side. With a score of 50 on the 100 pulled-Dominique, and The heels, over the fire of the battle phase, if a third of the group. Big bird and Smaller and ended up with a 67 on the 100 and third in their respective groups. With a difference of 17 points between the two pairs. However, in the task, the counters will reset to zero.

“If today’s anything to go wrong, than it is to flip, I got,” says Claudia, after the last time as a Pinocchio figure in the saucepan fell off. “There is nothing in the area that can come to be, encourages to papa Pino’s.

For Dominique, and This is not a matter of flipping. They can work in a peaceful and structured, until The deep in-cut your finger. Ayse calls out to her, “Barbara, nothing to worry! Just move the focus”. Lorenzo adds: “when You have nine other fingers!”. Florence concludes: “It’s not a battle, and if there’s blood involved!”.