Topdokters are worried about domestic abuse

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In the third installment of the Topdokters: the Corona is a professor, Gerlant van Berlaer look at domestic violence in the times of the solar corona. Due to the strict quarantainemaatregelen, the number of cases of domestic violence, and, indeed, to be firmly in and by the schools and the sports clubs are closed, and many of these cases are “under the radar”. Fr. Van Berlaer consulting at the university hospital of Brussels, a weekly basis, with the trust center, child Abuse. Physicians who have patients to see what they think is going on in your home in need of help is to be able to let us know. In the trust center, which fears that there are a lot of children any more, and calling the minors to anonymously chat Also, a Doctor Vanregenmortel looks at ZNA Stuivenberg, more patients in the intensive care, which is recognized by the aggression, and excessive alcohol consumption.

A high-ranking visit in the university hospital of Brussels, as of last Wednesday, King, Philip, the health care providers, there is a heart under the belt jabs. Fr. van Berlaer allowed him to guide the to in the service of Kinderintensieve care. His visits revealed to the King that it was completely safe to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, the wait for a lot of people with complaints will have to be a long time to see a doctor, because they are afraid for the same name.

In the Mean, it is a triagecentrum for consultation was established at the swimming pool, ’ – t Baths. Dr. Stéphanie De Maesschalck is a doctor, and you must decide whether you are suffering from hair patients, unfortunately, have to go to the hospital to be referred. A lot of people will come in with a scared heart on the question. It is not an easy one to make as a doctor without any scans or tests to evaluate whether a withdrawal is necessary.