With Gert Verhulst, “For the Studio 100’s, this is a disaster’

With Gert Verhulst, "For the Studio 100's, this is a disaster'

The fact is, a lot of companies go to this coronacrisis did not survive. Many companies will be in the books, is forced to put it down because there was no income recorded. That is not necessary now to be done, the question of the extent to which consumer confidence has recovered, may be used. “I’ve got a lot of confidence in them. I am sure that people will soon be forgotten. For the first time in a ground that’s going to be weird to feel”, says Gert Verhulst, Saturday, in The Latest News. “But we’re one week from this moment, I want to be with you for the tour of the pubs and restaurants are going to do it. I think you will be hard, it will scare you how fast and the people will return to a normal life”, sounds like it’s coming from the mouth of Gert Verhulst.

The Vermeiren, asked, ” what is the crisis with the Studio 100 does. “We’ll be sure to survive. The Studio 100’s with a good company. However, it will not be easy. Maybe we lose a pick up. If the theaters are to open starting in June, it will be a lot easier than it is when they first open in september. The uncertainty is the worst factor,” said Gert Verhulst.