Tv, with your hands in your hair

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By the Covid-19, we get to be on tv for a while, custom programming, and that it will be there in the next few weeks, do not immediately improve. Later this month, with Family, at Home, in The Buurtpolitie and it’s not a new episode and more to make the Flemish viewers are still more iterations to be shown. Yes, and more in the future.

It is almost certain that the Home and the Family will be on Friday, april 24, at the (for now) and the last episode will be broadcast. Until when?” Know that, currently, no one. The Cast and crew may be busy in summer months to meet, the chances are good that the gap of two months during the summer, caught up with you. When at Home, and the Family is back in australia to go to the makers prefer to again be a lead build up. Suppose that later in the year for a resurgence of the Covid-19 will need to be on the tv stations, not with a break to sit down.