This is what Blocks there are in the coronacrisis of

This is what Blocks there are in the coronacrisis of

When the corona virus a few weeks ago, the way we live and work, all the way to the head set, there was also the Blocks the team faces a big challenge: How can we be the One the viewers for their solid look of the rest for The Journal to continue to work? Here’s all about how the new recordings are in the works.

As of Monday, the 13th of april, as does One of the new Blocks of episodes that are fully adapted to the coronamaatregelen. Ben Crabbé is in the studio, with a very limited crew and no audience. The candidates have to sit in your living room and play the quiz from home.

The candidates will have to stay at home and live in connection with it in the studio, using the principle of a video. To make everything easy to get the most out of each candidate’s visit, a technical operator of the Block. That will install it to the applicant with a camera, a monitor and a laptop computer. That laptop is a software to log on to the central console near to the studio. On the monitor to see the candidates and Am asking the questions. Using the notebook, you can print them out, and the pieces move around on the blokkenbord. In real-time with each other.

Ben continues to work in the studio, along with a very limited crew: the jury panel, a lighting technician, a agree, and as a director. All of the cameras are unmanned, and are, therefore, remotely controlled. The other team (e.g., director, mixer …) are spread out in different areas. All of the staff is permanent, a protective mask, and there is no audience present in the studio.