The flemish artists, to be in violation of

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A number of Flemish artists of the last few days and weeks are going to occur in care homes or in hospitals. However, that should not be allowed. We made enquiries to the press officer of the crisis centre and to confirm that the occur – regardless of how noble the initiative may be, are not allowed!

Also, At Somers, who is in the world of Showbiz-Site on a regular basis as a lawyer, it is common. “It is the decision of the National security council (the Ministerial council Decision 3/4/2020) clearly indicates in article 5 that “all private and public events of a cultural, social, festive, traditional, athletic, and recreational in nature” are banned.”

The exceptions to this are:
events in the immediate circle or family circle;
• * * a buitenwandeling of the people who live under the same roof;
• engage in physical activity individually or with family members under the same roof.

“An action is subject to the explicitly-mentioned prohibited activities, and exceptions will not apply to them,” says Nele Somers, of the law firm of Arts.