Students build a megacity in the first episode of the Lego Masters

ba87d1bdf9171517919575354d0952fb - Students build a megacity in the first episode of the Lego Masters

From now on, Saturday, april 11, at 20.25 presents, Kürt Rogiers, along with his co-host Ruben Nicolai, LEGO MASTER, a program that has a lot of people to the ideas you can bring to the home, and to be creative in this coronatijden.
In the first episode, on Saturday, april 11, at 20.25, participants will be immediately, seriously and tested. Over the past fifteen hours (!) they have a thee shorter by the head structure, a creation of the cause for which they bouwskills and imagination and creativity-need to focus on. Fortunately, they have a lego shop at home, where as many as 2.5 million stones in them, lie in wait. And as for the top modellers at last, ready to think, to come to the hosts, Kürt Rogiers, Ruben Nicolai, with an interesting surprise…

The couple, Andrew Arno, and uses this command to get nostalgic looking back. Their first date was at the movie theater, so it’s going to be the cinema building. And not just one, and that should be obvious.

Fathers, Giovanni, and David, to create a tower-like building is made up of four cubes, with each one an homage to the elements of nature: water, fire, wind and earth.

The Flemish-Dutch duo of erik and He’s going to be a block of flats above a shopping centre, and hobbyvrienden, Corneel, and He will go straight to the ultimate: they are trying in their structure, an elevator (lift industry. A piece of cake, that even the Brickmaster Bass, all of which is to review, not easy to find.

They not only have to compete against each other, as well as the four Dutch students that have been trained.
The Flemish students
Couple Andrew &, Arno
Andreas 22, Mortsel, belgium) and the Arno, 22, And Groot) are able to share not just the love of LEGO, but also to each other. They learned about each other via Tinder and know its just going to be living together. Arno is working as a communication officer, and LEGO has been his passion, and he has Andrew this site is good. Andrew follows, a study in commercial engineering in policy informatics. Together, they build up like parade floats, and television sets, and the Arno river is also a stop-motion videos out of LEGO. The duo, mainly for the endless possibilities that the stones have great.
“Ever since I was Arno, ken, I’ve got the LEGO bug, hard to catch. What started out as a help with the sorting, culminating in the collaborative creation of a masterpiece. If there was a LEGO, and Disney is on the box, we need to focus on. What the LEGO MASTERS and, for us, it is? The ultimate relatietest (laughs)”.