Lissa Lewis, will be working at BNL

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A few days separate us from the momentum of the BNL-the-air if you can. The new Flemish radio station to choose for the Belgian work, and in the Dutch language, of our Neighbors, but it is also the card of a very talented group of ladies. By Celia Bogaert takes the BNL is a skilled MAGIC show on board the ship. And, like Luc, The Fox is more joy in the singing: “the middle class reigns the country,” however, in the BNL, that is, daily, between 9 and 10. Having draws every day for the Flemish shop-floor, where, not far from the hustle and bustle. BNL@Work will be running and what are you and your co-workers want to hear about it. With Lissa, Lewis draws in the BNL on the map of the coming young men”. Lissa running for several years, in the Flemish Showbizz, is the guarantee of quality, Dutch-language pop songs, and is your go-to guide you through your search for the right word. And that is what they are using in the program of the BNL Radio-Rebus on a Sunday afternoon, from 12: 00. Like The Fish, is your daily guide to 13: 00. She does not, only the afternoon on track, she will be the better jobs in the region. Short and sweet. Charming, but it’s a no-nonsenseaanpak, just as they do on TV. Because in the end you only have 1 life…. So find a job where you are happy. The elegance is in the triple role of all the girls in the power. This is BNL!

Celia Bogaert presents the BNL@work. Having learned all about the Duties. But it prefers to do her creative duties, as representing the stage animal. Starred in the short film, and series, if to the market this unique and sun City. Got on the stage and in the het Toneelhuis theatre and M. Let the love of others to shine in other programs such as a Tendency to Live and a Plus. Or, as a good moderator at the event. Will continue to work to better themselves, with their own cabaret shows. But it works to create a better world, with a theatre for children with difficulties in the home. On Tuesday, april 14, has been Having every morning for you, starting at 09: 00.