Koen, out, Expedition, Robinson, had to stop

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Carl Loomans is on Expedition Robinson, thanks to his pithy comments, but in what it reveals of the last man standing that he is in a dark period. After his divorce, walked out of his drinking problem totally out of hand.

Carl says that he was at the time of his marriage, already a lot of flavor. As for too many, in fact, be aware of Fierce right now. “I did it in the house, could all of my friends really disturbed the kids.” Carl understands where it went wrong. But after the divorce decree was not fully out of hand.

After his divorce, his drinking problem, is problematic. “I had this break coming. From then on, things went out of hand when I was drinking, I didn’t know any boundaries. I couldn’t stop after one or two beers, it’s been there for thirty.”

It was, after all, the boss who is to sound the alarm, and proposed to help to deal. Did Carl and that never. “I have a drink of my own rejected. You will need to click create, and to realize that you can have a good time without it. I can see how annoying zatte people. and I am glad that I am one,” said Carl in a Day, All of you.