A glimmer of hope in the intensive care unit at the times of the solar corona

b9a996ae6ee6a7044c20d1eb676b0bfa - A glimmer of hope in the intensive care unit at the times of the solar corona

Now, on Monday, 13th of april, is at 21.45, the fourth installment of the Heroes of Here: the Corona, and if so, VTM. Last Monday, followed 635.642 viewers (29.3% of the market share, VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed) is a behind-the-scenes at the intensive care department of the city is known for several Her doctors. In the fourth episode, it is shown how the hospital and in the meanwhile its capacity is reached, the so-called surge. The viewer also follows the recovery of three patients who have the eye of the needle to be entered. One of them is on the ventilator removed and is breathing again on their own. They open up their hearts to each other, because the crisis has had a major impact on their families.

The police of Ostend is doing a daily patrol of the beach and afraid of the large number of people on the shore. They will also receive a phone call to a retailer. While they are in the business to leave, a woman is sick and is afraid of the cops for the worst. In the meantime it became known that the mayor Tommelein you are infected by the virus, and the town will have to control from within the application.

In the news report about a 12-year-old girl from a Gent that passed away in corona. The whole country has been shocked, also a virologist is in order and Marc Van Ranst. The team of virologist is in order, Johan Neyts is looking eagerly towards a vaccine against the virus. The entire team will receive a videocall from the King, He is to sound out how they are going to.