Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 15

495207780d92453f57db16a34e6401aa - Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 15

Out of the five singles this week, no longer listed, It was the Sixth Metal feat. Stefanie Callebaut’s ‘ The onvolledigen” it is the longest in the 19-week period. The other four are: “the band of love” of the Masses feat. Raf Walschaerts, Stef Bos, and “Better with time” and “Tracks of my own heart,” Tom & Tamara-and-White Bird with a “ ‘ Vrank en vrij”.

“What you see” by The new 50. Arne Vanhaecke, then, is a new 48 “At the end of the night.” Els De Schepper follow the coronamaatregelen and expect that from everyone else, at 44, with “Stay in your room”. Gene Thomas was at For the Love of Music this past Monday, we are very impressed by Karen Damen’s version of “Hold the thief”. The audience will follow, as Karen is Being displayed on the 38. The highest new entry at 21 is a “Friend” of the 5Napback feat. Daniel Busser.