This year is no Pennenzakkenrock

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Sorry, the delegation of the province of Antwerp, in collaboration with the organisation of the Pennenzakkenrock decided to Pennenzakkenrock 2020, it is scheduled on the 25th of June, did not allow them to continue to be so for the health of all children, visitors and volunteers of the festival were safe.

The delegation of the province of Antwerp, belgium wants to reduce the maximum contribution to a reduction in the spread of the corona virus. The number of infections should be limited as much as possible, so that the health care system will not be affected. The optimum medical care must be guaranteed, in particular for the most vulnerable people. As a result, it is essential to take the measures to remain in compliance because of this, efforts need to be made in order to further the spread of the virus from entering the system.

All of the schools, the organization of the Pennenzakkenrock is already informed about the fact that all of the tickets, a full refund will be made. Your school after the easter holidays notified by the organisation itself. For more information, have a look at this