Jasper Publie set of new productions for the

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As of today, is, ‘What About Us’ from JEPP to listen to all of the streaming services. Yesterday, he announced on Virgin Radio in Switzerland a Swiss release. As a part of the project as may arise. The interview can be found on the Instagram page of JEPP.

Over the past two years Jasper has been Publishing work on a lot of new material, and developed in collaboration with several producers for a new sound, that the project represents.
Last year, he moved to Switzerland to be a part of a master’s degree in music studies at the Conservatory of Zürich, switzerland. This location proved to be ideal for this project for further development.

“At first glance, seemed to be Zurich, a quiet and business in the city, but that is my view on this is completely changed since I have lived in I have. It’s one of the cool, the creative, the urban part of the city, which is very surprising and to me a lot and inspired the creation of this project.”