Axelle Red releases new single

f2e43ea4c4775fc179915889bf5e8a04 - Axelle Red releases new single

Christmas tree with Red & Ycare, have a catchy new duet, it’s ready: “I Don’t Care when it comes to your and moque)”. A compelling, energetic and poptrack. As a testament to the fact that people are different. It is the story of a woman and a man, it is so diverse, but who can’t do without each other.

After their successful duet, ‘D’autres que nous”, his christmas tree & Ycare, spontaneously together, and to begin to do so. They spent a lot of time in one another’s company long enough to realize just how different and how complementary they are at the same time. How are they connected to each other in the feeling, but also each other’s opposites, are. Instead of looking for their similarities, they left those differences, in order to have them combined into one powerful song. “The issue is actually, the fruit of our counterparts, and our similarities, that we will eventually be able to bridge. It’s our planet, it is our age. We’re in the same boat, and we all love each other.”