Viewers of the Family-not a hard decision

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A little while ago, Dorien Reynaert is now in the ‘Family’. When it was clear that the actress is in the cast of ‘Friends’ for a couple of months to strengthen it. Soon, it would be the actress, as far as the soap will disappear, and the fans, which is a pity.

In the Facebook-group ” the Family Characters, we read more and more comments that you Dorien for longer in the Family, would like to play. “I think that Dorien Reynaert and her role is very, very good to play with family members and to refer to her like” “and “” that is not a fixed role and will continue to be with Cedric, it would still be nice, and a good thing, as are a good pair,” are just a few of the responses on the fangroep. “I want them to be there and stay, do we draw up a petition?”, responding to another viewer. It is clear that you, Dorien, a value for the ‘Family’ room. I’m the creator of the soap is very confident and should be, Dorien later and still get a return.