John Destadsbader is waking up because his grandma didn’t see

04cced8c315fddeb86b0844e706d7b3a - John Destadsbader is waking up because his grandma didn't see

Our world has been for the past four weeks as a break. Which is a nice hug and a good talk about virtue, it would do so, for all of us to be strong. John Destadsbader wrote about this particular period of time with the song, “Never Alone”.

“The impact of what is going on, is staggering. Everyone should have so many loved ones to miss out, and that distance hurts,” said the singer. “My mémétje 89, which is quite a secluded seat in the house, without any kind of visit. There I am, waking up from it. And in this period of time, however, the person he has to worry about, and every day has to be missed. You’ll never be alone,” says the singer of this Ad.

“That’s why I wrote this song and we threw an acoustic version of it online. As it turned out, a lot of people will get something out of it, and because they share this feeling. That’s why we have the song now, really is have two versions! I hope that there will be a lot of people will draw strength from that. After all, if we do this together, we are stronger from it. Since I believe in it.”

The single ‘Never be Alone’ is released on Friday, the 10th of april through to the current stream and downloadkanalen.