Johan Passed already for several weeks in Spain in the

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Bad luck for Johan, the Elapsed time, and the presenter is more than a month in Spain in. Not in the prison, but it is in this moment. In the last few weeks, followed Johan to have Passed the media-from the far-away country of Spain. As this is corona, to ensure that people are not out of the way. We can complain about here is a stone you to the bone, but in Spain, the measures are much stricter and the penalties are a lot higher. In Spain, you can, as it were, not the outside, and even the beaches are closed.

Johan, the Elapsed time is in Spain, and he has a house, a garden, and you can also enjoy the beautiful weather. “Hunger hell am I doing here, on my Spanish hill. Last week, I did a bit of trading done by my neighbour, who was about 400 yards away in the “el campo”, one may say that the countryside is living,” laughs the host. And that trade happened in Belgium as to be really popular, is this: “A bag of Chocotofs have them right here in Andalusia, and, not) are exchanged for eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, & “habas”, a giant melkbonen (a delicacy),” adds Johan, the Elapsed time continues.