Final and not the ‘home away from Home’ on the 27th of april

Final and not the 'home away from Home' on the 27th of april

Like a few weeks ago and implemented the last episode of ‘at Home’ on Friday the 24th of april to see One. The public service broadcaster, has decided not to make any other program at the time of the “Home” place. As of april 27, the programs that are normally given after the ‘at Home’ is to see it used to start from 20.10 hrs.

Olivier, Goris, network manager One: “we really are irreplaceable, right? That is, the series is soon to be no, not in australia, it is a very, very sad. However, we wanted to take a lock at Home, not just fill it with a repetition of something else. And We want each and every day is the best TV viewing experience will bring. And that’s what we do now is our prime time programs, in order to push forward and be a strong TELEVISION show to be sure.”

Once “Home” to return to the tv will depend on the measures that have been extended or made more flexible it will be.