A sad day for the family of Paul Severs

A sad day for the family of Paul Severs

Today is the day-to-day, one year ago, Paul Severs, passed away. Once he was on the 12th of march during a bike ride, crashed, and was the first singer admitted to the hospital. It was a battle of ups and downs, but it soon became clear that Paul’s brain damage had been sustained.

After about 4 weeks of intense battle, lost in the Halle/Huizingen is an ever-friendly and humble singer. He recently had a very long career and still be a “regular guy,” where many people go to had a high opinion of a colleague, where a lot of artists genuinely have respect for.

“The doctors in the Erasmus programme have had their work cut out, but the brain injury he suffered during a fall from his bicycle caused by a massive heart attack, stayed in every day and make it worse. In the following, several complications have made it necessary to pity the death lead”, responded his son, Christopher.

Paul Severs was the 70’s.