Problems in Blind and Bought it

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In the third episode of the Blind Bought it on Wednesday the 8th of april to discuss the Rob and Phylicia on their wish list, with, Bart, and Béa. In their ground-floor apartment on between new jersey, on this Trip, and the town of Temse should not have steps, stairs or changes in elevation may have. In spite of the clear wishes of the couple, it seems that the search for the perfect home, yet it is a pain in the ass. And to make things worse, it would be Rob, and Phylicia, even suddenly, to a region to change, so nothing is yet certain. It should Béa completely start from scratch, or has the property already been purchased? “We’re really a fool as well. I have a very hard to underestimate how hard this is on me and went in to weigh, and how stressful it was going to be. There have to be answers to come, you hear the sound of the worry in Rob’s.

For Davina, it is the critical moment had come. They will be given the keys to their new home, and have all the faith in: “It’s a little bit stressful, but that we are going to be in my own style, I have all the trust in the future. But what is going to be dealt with, and what is not.”

Mila and Matthias lived together in an apartment in a listed eighteenth century mansion, but it seems a bit small for a comfortable living. They’ve been around for two years, an intensive search for the perfect home, but the homes are disappearing quickly from the market, then they will not dare to decide. Bart and Béa will get up to 300,000 euros, for the eternal doubters out of their misery. They want to do no matter what it takes, in a listed eighteenth century mansion to stay close to their friends, and, most importantly, next to a large, busy highway. There’s just one problem: there are almost no homes on the market in the search area.