Mathias Vergels is launching ‘taken 2’

75f5449289b06aa4fcc0f7eca0a02730 - Mathias Vergels is launching 'taken 2'

For several weeks he was with the ‘1 for all’ is noted at the top of the charts, and he could not get rid of the radio. Mathias Vergels is hoping that his new single, ‘2’, (the pick) on the same positive line and move on. “I have the luxury that I don’t have to choose, and I like the acting will still be able to combine it with music. The songs, composing and performing are things I love to do, and where I can take it easy and enjoy. I am always proud and grateful that I, Hans Kusters, and H. K. M. for the opportunity I have to be, “Where is Mathi?,” it is my Dutch delight. Confidence is high because we have been talking about a sequel. This support and that of my team, the media and the public, to do for others.”

With a ‘2’ (for example, the resume), provides, Mathias Vergels a young, handsome, Dutch-language pop songs occasionally, but this time one with German roots. Hans Kusters, my labelboss, it was on the road in Germany, and to hear the original in the world of radio. He stopped, picked up his cell phone and sent his recording to my manager Bob Savenberg. It was so much, that he to me sent, and in a short time, it was ‘2’ (the skip) is a fact of life. The text is not autobiographical, but for the love of it and for the situation in which I have been singing for many, however, are recognizable. I was in an instant taken with the tune that’s in the original version there, and that’s The Fondenberg Brothers have also been included in this production. Just as the ‘Salt Land’ is ‘taken 2’ has its origins in Germany, but we have to be creative with an original twist that is to be given, and that the end result is a evoke single which could also be sung during the performance. We’ve already tested it at rehearsals with the band, and this is definitely one of the flavours, and highlights of the live shows.”