Marleen Gordts-in the mourning

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With more than 2,000 people living with the effects of the corona virus have died, there are few families in which the disaster has not yet struck. Also, Marleen Gordts can now discuss these things. The host of the “Videomatch”, has just launched its father’s death. Father Marcel Gordts, 85. On Radio 2, told Lisa that she and her father are looking at is not in good shape. The doctor was concerned that her family is infected by the corona virus. Because of her father’s, no severe symptoms have shown, if he is to stay at home. But last week, on Wednesday, the situation was serious, and it was with Marcel to the hospital.

“This past Sunday, my dad is in the hospital and died”, sigh, the former tv presenter. Monday, did She also have a call in to the Radio 2: “stay in your room”. Her parents did not do that. “My mom and dad went grocery shopping. I told them that they had to buy everything at home to make it possible. They did not have to pay up with cash money. Hygienic is is is not. They had a great restaurant, their klapske’. My mum and dad found out, no harm could be. We do not have to establish that they are all very, very fast”, we read on the .