Lorenzo and Ayse win the first one, “My Kitchen is My Restaurant,” battle

8c84b640e71d7c01acfa69b95c8f7f3c - Lorenzo and Ayse win the first one, "My Kitchen is My Restaurant," battle

The duo of Lorenzo-Ayse-and one Daughter-and Charlotte, respectively, the first and last of these groups, the names of the Tuesday, against each other in the first thrilling battle in My Kitchen is My Restaurant, ” in the VTM. The jury gave the most points to Lorenzo and Ayse, who first of all be selected in order at a later stage, to open his own restaurant.

He and Charlotte passed skrei on the road: “Back to the fish, is very aggressive. We all agree that raw fish is given to you by a lack of time, and they do it with a critical eye, to sit in the cuisson”, and realized He. But this time, it worked for them, however. “I think the story is over, the mackerel have been forgotten. Think of that, you have now been corrected,” decided The Money. Piet Huysentruyt was the icing on the cake: “Cuisson perfection. You are going to this, cuisson, in a lot of restaurants can not be found.”

The couple, Lorenzo and Ayse have the ambition to run your own business is to start with a real Turkish cuisine has to show. The mission will be successful, “Lorenzo”, Ayse, congratulations and thank you for bringing out the Ottoman cuisine for this position”, it was decided that Piet Huysentruyt, who, in a dessert, even when you sign aflikte. And there were other compliments: “I’ve never had such a delicious dessert, it is eaten with cheese. And really, it was very good”, is considered to be a Marcelo Ballardin. Sergio went on to say, “I’m going to have one thing to say: “you have to have the Turkish flag is here, today, in this place, are planned. And, I think, is that they are very, very proud of. Fantastic!!!”.

After that, the six members of the jury and their points for gifts and are small and Ayse for the first team, an on-site restaurant to open. In this phase, the measures for the corona virus at a later point in time are received and transmitted.
“It’s unbelievable. There are just people in the us eat at our restaurant! Crazy! Madness!”, beams Ayse and Lorenzo, and realizes: “It’s a circus, it is not made for us.”
He and Charlotte left the competition with their heads: “To be able to cook for up to 6 chefs and 32/60 for them, which isn’t gebuisd, then I’m really happy,” said Charlotte.