It’s a psychological game, it is more and more on Expedition Robinson

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As the group left, Thomas in the previous week to win. They found out that he was in the video making. Together with Philip, he joined Ruth in winnaarseiland. All three of them were to a message from friends and/or family members an emotional experience. Ruth was given by Carl Thomas on the departure of a Player, and was after the loss to Thomas and Thomas finally got back to the camp. The ever-strong, Ruth, it is to be angry with Jorik and his lies. He put his pasmunt in the elimination because he was in fear of her wrath. It turns out however, Herman has come back to the house and have to turn around. He could feel the mood after the last immuniteitsproef.

How far can you go with a lie?
Ruth was a long time absent, had been at the camp, and try to seek support from Carl. He did not, however, vote for more. He lets her know this? It is feeling more and more conned, and the feeling that it all continues to voorliegen. Those who have been its allies in the camp?

The winner of the new trial, and in addition, immunity is also a treat! It started, however, people are really, really broke to the touch. Kevin, will it be physically difficult, and Elroy’s are not as fit as it once did. There is a tension in the air and in the elimination, and rightly so. With this elimination, it will surprise many people. However, we are left with too much to finish, there should be heads rolling!

Expedition Robinson – welcome to 20u35 FOUR