Corona virus gives the tv viewer’s benefit

ad60420e0100365330f178a71da1bbff - Corona virus gives the tv viewer's benefit

For some time now, have been to the commercial breaks on tv will be shorter. You may also have noticed that the programs are still being interrupted by advertising, but as a viewer, you have less and less time to get something to eat, to have a toilet stop and to do, or even Instagram to check-in. A lot of the shops and businesses are closed, feel advertisers don’t really have the urge to search for spots to book. This fall, the revenues for the tv stations, and that is, in the long term, of course, is not good. Less revenue means less money for programs to invest in. Tuesday night had some commercial breaks on tv just two of the spots are filled. For example, we saw one of the same commercial in a spot in front of a tv store, and The Newspaper to pass through. For the times that you have six full-minute advertisements, are served, received, it is not currently applicable.