Two of the new leaders to make their entry in Temptation Island

16a439b353023edf47e0fe3c01600757 - Two of the new leaders to make their entry in Temptation Island

There are again, two of the leaders from the onset in any of the two resorts ‘Temptation Island’. The winners are 23-year-old Yentl, from Eeklo, the 27-year-old Back in Amsterdam, the netherlands.

Yentl is the person who is for the women to lend them an ear, it will have to offer. He is, in addition to a personal trainer, is also a saviour, and is convinced that he is one of the four ladies will be able to meet it. Yentl is to be honest and fair. Manipulate or play games you won’t see it, do so. He will do everything to get the target to convince them of its qualities, in order to prove that he is the best and honest party. Yentl would like to have a relationship with, and hopes to be on the Temptation Island, the heart to conquer it. If this is not possible, he is still an asset to his diploma in Thai massage at the women to convince them.

Bibi is a true Amsterdam, she worked as an administrative assistant. She has many years behind the bar working, and it is not at the mouth of the cases. They know exactly what they have to deal with the male attention-and, more importantly, how she is watching them. She seduces men with her eyes, but she still has so much more in store for you. Bibi is extremely self-confident, but always with a sense of humour. They have to know how to set the focus to attract, and how the quantity of a good that can shake up, or in other words with the perfect good girl.

Temptation Island, and every Friday, in order to 20u35 FIVE