THE hold to a position, to season, to

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THE hold to a position, to season, to

07 april, 2020 19:59
07-04-20 at 19:59
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The Dutch fa (KNVB) has all of the clubs in the Premier league and the Kitchen in the Champion Division on Tuesday, during a conferencecall to let you know that they are holding on to their positions for the season are to finish in spite of the coronacrisis.

The Dutch football association is striving to be on the 19th of June, to go with two leagues and they will both finish in mid-July. It was only in the week of the 24th of april, when it is clear that the new advice from the GOVERNMENT and from the union, there could be more clarity to be given to you.

As the BOARD emphasized in a press release, however, that the feasibility of the plan, shall be determined by the views of the GOVERNMENT, and that has never played soccer is that, according to them, it is safe and secure. They understand “well” that’s the finish of the season and a difficult task it is.